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Happy Birthday to GC

2006 December 20
by John Wallbillich

The Wired GC is celebrating today…

Happy trails, Jen...

Two years flies by when you’re having fun; thanks to all who read, cite, syndicate and (especially) respond. And a big hug to Wife of Wired GC, for all the support and proofreading.

Starting today we go into a more festive mode, with a few new items between now and the New Year. (I haven’t forgotten about Friday’s promise to post about a GC’s options when responding to higher billing rates; but the subject seems to lack the requisite cheer, so it can wait a bit.)

All the best this holiday season; I hope you find your stocking full, your email in-box empty and your targets already met.

And in January 2007, the Wired GC will take off the mask. It’s beginning to itch and the suit is a bear in the summer…

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